Color TFT LCD Technology Support

Orient Display: Color TFT Support

TFT LCD Basic Knowledge

Outlined in this section are TFT LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) basic knowledge, including structures, driving methods (Passive Matrix / PMLCD, Active Matrix / AMLCD) and comparison, RGB filters, display mode, generations and production process. Learn more.

Orient Display: LCD Viewing Angle

TFT Wide Viewing Angle Technologies

LCD has a genetic disadvantage compared to other display technologies: Narrow Viewing Angles.  For the last 40 years, scientists and engineers put a lot of effort to improve LCD viewing angles and made great progress. In this section we will introduce O-Film TFT, MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) TFT, IPS (In Plane Switching)and AFFS (Advanced Fringe Field Switching) TFT. Learn more.

Orient Display: Sunlight Readable TFT LCD

Sunlight Readable TFT LCD

Most of TFT LCDs are hard to read under the sunlight. Orient Display offer Sunlight Readable TFT with these approaches: Transflective TFT, Surface Treatment, Optical Bonding. Learn more.

Orient Display: Controllers and Drivers

LCD Controller Data Sheets

Download IC controller data sheets used in our standard product to help program. ILI9806E | ILI9163C | ILI6126C | HX8238-D | ST7565 and learn more.

LCD Controller Code Support

TFT Controller Code Support

Download TFT controller IC sample code: ILI9341 | ST7567 MCU NXP1766 | UC1608 MCU NXP LPC1766 and learn more.

Orient Display: Electro-Optical Characteristics

Electro-Optical Characteristics 

Orient Display’s Electro-Optical Characteristics contains sections of Optical Measurement System, Viewing Angle Range & Measurement System, Contrast Ratio and Response Time. Learn more.

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