TFT Basics


Orient Display: Color TFT Support

TFT LCD Basic Knowledge

Outlined in this section are TFT LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) basic knowledge, including structures, driving methods (Passive Matrix / PMLCD, Active Matrix / AMLCD) and comparison, RGB filters, display mode, generations and production process. Learn more.

Orient Display: LCD History

TFT History

As our society progresses into an overwhelmingly technological state, screens seem to pop up almost everywhere. Behind those glass displays, or flat panel displays, lie hundreds of thousands of complex, tiny devices, controlling the pixels that comprise the overall image we see. Those devices are known as Thin Film Transistors, or abbreviated, TFTs. Learn more.

Orient Display: LCD Sizes

How does TFT Display work 

A TFT LCD,  or a thin film transistor liquid crystal display, is one of the fastest growing forms of display technology today. The thin film transistor (TFT) is a type of semiconductor device used in display technology to enhance efficiency, compactness, and cost of the product. Learn more.

Orient Display: LCD Viewing Angle

TFT Wide Viewing Angle Technologies

LCD has a genetic disadvantage compared to other display technologies: Narrow Viewing Angles.  For the last 40 years, scientists and engineers put a lot of effort to improve LCD viewing angles and made great progress. In this section we will introduce O-Film TFT, MVA (Multi-domain Vertical Alignment) TFT, IPS (In Plane Switching)and AFFS (Advanced Fringe Field Switching) TFT. Learn more.

Orient Display: Sunlight Readable TFT LCD

Sunlight Readable TFT LCD

Most of TFT LCDs are hard to read under the sunlight. Orient Display offer Sunlight Readable TFT with these approaches: Transflective TFT, Surface Treatment, Optical Bonding. Learn more.

TFT vs. IPS Display

TFT and IPS displays are different but with similarities. This article compare TFT and IPS Displays to help you make the right display selection.  Learn more.

LCD Controller Board

A controller board is a piece in an electrical circuit that interfaces with a peripheral object by connecting the computer to it. Learn more.

Orient Display: Controllers and Drivers

LCD Controller Data Sheets

Download IC controller data sheets used in our standard product to help program. ILI9806E | ILI9163C | ILI6126C | HX8238-D | ST7565 and Learn more.

LCD Controller Code Support

TFT Controller Code Support

Download TFT controller IC sample code: ILI9341 | ST7567 MCU NXP1766 | UC1608 MCU NXP LPC1766 and learn more.

Orient Display: Electro-Optical Characteristics

Electro-Optical Characteristics 

Orient Display’s Electro-Optical Characteristics contains sections of Optical Measurement System, Viewing Angle Range & Measurement System, Contrast Ratio and Response Time. Learn more.

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