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In our society today, technology evolves at a breakneck pace. It is pressuring to keep up with but absolutely imperative to do so. Though there are rarely breakthroughs that render product lines or entire companies obsolete, they do occur. This is a reason why Orient Display puts such critical emphasis on R&D and learning in general. We stay ahead of the curve to keep both ourselves and our clients informed as it is essential to us that we ensure our products are top of the line, staying relevant for years.

Listed below are documents to commonly asked questions and concerns. Orient Display also has a friendly and knowledgeable team of technical support staff to help you with any specific questions you might have. The services they provide range from: 

  • Assist in realizing your concepts to designs, to prototypes and then to production
  • Diagnose design and quality problems and to propose troubleshooting solutions
  • Recommend emerging display technologies to be integrated in new products
  • Help design and sample LCD parts to accelerate product development 
  • Help to interface with LCD, programming and debugging.
  • Selecting the best combination of LCD colors

Email them at, our technical engineers will get back to you ASAP!


General FAQs – OD Document Downloads 

Listed below are Orient Display documents to commonly asked questions and concerns.

Standard Warranty | General Precautions | Reliability


LCD Basics

Follow listed sections and review the LCD basic knowledge with us!

LCD History | LCD Introduction | Twisted Nematic LCD | Supertwisted Nematic LCD | Positive & Negative Mode | Temperature Range | LCD Pixel Terms & Resolution Guide | LCD & TP Glossary



Outlined in this section are the different types of LCD knowledge and basic support offered by Orient Display.

LCD Diagonal Dimension Calculator | How to Improve LCD Viewing Angle | How to Increase LCD Contrast | How to Improve LCD Response Time | Temperature Compensation for LCD Contrast & Voltage | V10 V90, Von Voff, Vth Vsat, Vsel Vnsel |  Vertical alignment display (VTN)  |  Bistable LCD | Character LCD | Embedded LCD | Demo Board


TFT Basics

Outlined in this section are the color TFT knowledge and basic support offered by Orient Display.

TFT LCD Basic Knowledge | TFT Wide Viewing Angle Technologies | Sunlight Readable TFT LCD | TFT vs. IPS Display | LCD Controller Datasheet | TFT Controller Sample Codes | Electro-Optical Characteristics


Touch Panels

Outlined in this section are the touch panel knowledge and support offered by Orient Display.

Capacitive Touch Panel (CTP) Technology Introduction | LCD & CTP Interface Introduction | Capacitive Touch Panel Technology (CTP) for Automotive


Printed Circuit Boards

Outlined in this section are the printed circuit board knowledge and support offered by Orient Display.

PCB Terminology | PCB Introduction | PCB Manufacturing Process Flow


Production & Quality Control

Standard Delivery Specification for Passive LCD | Standard Delivery Specification for TFT LCD


Parts & Materials

Backlights | Connectors | Controllers & Drivers | Polarizers (Transmission Modes) | Liquid Materials | Connecting to the LCD | Heaters | Others


New Technology

With how fast technology changes, constantly learning and staying open-minded helps us stay on top of our game especially when we’re striving to be the best in our field. Brush up on your LCD knowledge with us! 

Coming soon.


Video Training

LCD Information | TFT Information | Touch Panel Technology Information | Materials & Parts | Production Quality


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