Bill Cheung | 2024-05-29

For our display screens, when customers mention waterproofing, it’s important for us to understand which specific parts they require to

Bill Cheung | 2024-02-29
1. What is LCD Display Image Sticking Image Sticking refers to the persistence of a static image on a display
Bill Cheung | 2021-12-03

Thanks for the display technology development, we have a lot of display choices for our smartphones, media players, TVs, laptops,

Bill Cheung | 2021-12-03

Although there are big differences between LCD and LED displays, there are a lot of confusion in the market which

Bill Cheung | 2021-11-18

Capacitive Touch Screen Projected capacitive touch screen contains X and Y electrodes with insulation layer between them. The transparent electrodes

Helen Yan | 2021-11-15

Emulating Embedded Linux Systems with QEMU   1. Introduction Embedded software development relies on embedded hardware devices, such as development

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