Electronics Design and Development Services

Orient Display and our partners developed the advanced design-thinking methodology to overcome two major hurdles we often saw companies facing: poor collaboration and information overload. With our methodology, we facilitate brainstorming sessions with key stakeholders and then rank the information gathered to filter the ideas that have the potential to make the greatest impact and carry the lowest risk. By using this approach, we build robust solutions that not only solve problems, they transform the way businesses operate.

  • Immerse: Understand the problem
  • Define: Define the solution
  • Elaborate: Build a solution
  • Adapt: Test & certify the solution
  • Launch: Bring the solution to the market

During our business activities, we realize that a lot of our customer requirements are beyond our traditional display and touch products, Orient Display together with our partners in every continent provides the following Electronics Design and Development Services.



Our Hardware team make prototypes in the shortest time according to your design ideas and requirements. We specialize in the design of cost-effective embedded ARM hardware solutions to meet your requirement for high reliability in a short development cycle.

  • Electronics Design
  • Schematic Design
  • PCB design and Layout
  • Simulations
  • Ultra-low noise designs
  • Very high-speed designs
  • Low power designs
  • Wireless technologies
  • RFID technologies
  • Sensor technologies
  • Embedded Linus designs
  • STM32 ARM specialists
  • Industry Product Customization



More and more product functionalities come from clever embedded software solutions. Our Software team will help you customize all the functions of the cutting driver layer. As a complete solution provider for Linux, Android and WinCE in embedded systems, we can solve the end-to-end system-related problems of your products.

  • STM32 ARM specialists
  • Embedded digital signal processing
  • System migration, optimization and tailoring
  • Low level Drivers development
  • Kernel Tailoring
  • APP development (application, Linux QT, Embedded Linux C/++)


Technical Support

Our FAE team will provide you with a full range of technologies for your products or semi-finished products. Our experience tells us that the best dialogue takes place face to face, so feel free to contact us in order to arrange a meeting where we can deepen our competencies, and find the match for your particular project. We also have design partners in US, Canada, Europe, Asia who can speak the local languages to have better communication.  One of our core competencies is to use technology in new and innovative ways, further to dig out every bit of performance from our custom developed technology platforms in order to gain maximum cost benefit for our clients.

No project is too big nor too small, neither to simple nor too advanced. Call or email us for a non-binding discussion about your new tech project, and we promise you honest and reliable feedback.

– We provide consultation on software & hardware resources of our products;

– We solve problems encountered during the use of software & hardware manuals of our products;

– OEM and ODM after-sales technical support;

– The data of user who purchased our products is lost and re-acquire after update;

– Failure judgment and after-sales maintenance service.


Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain team will ensure excellent quality of project materials and reduce your product costs.

  • We solve problems encountered during the use of software & hardware manuals of our products;
  • Orient Display products are backed by our Lowest Price Guarantee.
  • Component’s sourcing (Partner)
  • PCB assembly, manual and auto pick and place
  • Housing design and 3D printing (Partner)
  • Box build, PCBA assembly into housing (Partner)
  • Cable assembly (Partner)


Technical Skills

  • Raspberry Pi, Lichee Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone family of devices including the ubiquitous BeagleBone Black and Pocket Beagle (PB) development
  • 2D / 3D positioning
  • Custom electronics hardware
  • Embedded systems
  • PCB layout
  • Data logger applications
  • RFID reader & tags
  • Wireless technologies
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • FPGAs
  • High speed & power
  • Testing & debugging
  • Analog & digital
  • Sensor technologies
  • Very low noise hardware design
  • Advanced digital signal processing
  • Quality assurance


Our Partners’ Expertise

  • Prototyping – electronic and mechanical
  • Sound and acoustics Optics
  • Hardware/firmware /software development in general
  • Electronics prototype production (SMD / HMD)
  • Embedded Linux FPGA design Internet of Things (IoT)
  • LabView applications for control / data collection / testing etc.
  • UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) Design
  • Industry design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Product certification
  • Medical device development (ISO 13495:2016 certified)
  • IoT solutions & cloud platforms, connecting to medical devices (IoMT), consumer and industrial electronics (firmware, middleware, software, connectivity and proximity to provide a 360 degree solution to build smart and flexible products, fully compliant with IEC 62304 for medical devices)
  • Key actuator: Tactile, Non-tactile, 3D gesturing
  • Circuit: Polyester (PET), transparent touch sensors, polyimide (PI), fabric
  • Key Enclosure: Mechatronics, In-mold decoration & modeling, in-mold electronics, safety and security.
  • Graphics: Dead fronted images & Icons, Off-Set & Screen printing, digital graphics, Thermoformed graphics
  • Interface: Capacitive touch, infrared, membrane switch, 3D gesturing
  • Sensors: Medical, Industrial, Force, Fluid level etc.
  • HMI Design, POC, NPI and Production