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Control Board

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Orient Display has focused on ARM processor-related technologies for many years, and has accumulated rich experience in the development and implementation of ARM architecture products. While continuously launching development platforms and core board that meet the general needs of the market, it also addresses the individual project needs of customers.


We provide one-stop customization services


Our Hardware team make prototypes in the shortest time according to your design ideas and requirements. We specialize in the design of cost-effective embedded ARM hardware solutions to meet your requirement for high reliability in a short development cycle. 

              • – Schematic Design

          – PCB Layout

    – Industry Product Customization


  • Our Software team will help you customize all the functions of the cutting driver layer. As a complete solution provider for Linux, Android and WinCE in embedded systems, we can solve the end-to-end system-related problems of your products.

                • – System migration, optimization and tailoring

            – Drive development

      – Kernel Tailoring

– APP development (application, Linux QT, Linux C/++)


  • Our FAE team will provide you with a full range of technologies for your products or semi-finished products.

                • – We provide consultation on software & hardware resources of our products;

            – We solve problems encountered during the use of software & hardware manuals of our products;

      – OEM and ODM after-sales technical support;

– The data of user who purchased our products is lost and re-acquire after update;

– Failure judgment and after-sales maintenance service.


  • Our Supply Chain team will ensure excellent quality of project materials and reduce your product costs.

– We solve problems encountered during the use of software & hardware manuals of our products;

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