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TFT, LCD, OLED Display Support Center at Orient Display

In our society today, technology evolves at a breakneck pace. It is pressuring to keep up with but absolutely imperative to do so. Though there are rarely breakthroughs that render product lines or entire companies obsolete, they do occur. This is a reason why Orient Display puts such critical emphasis on TFT Display Support Center and learning in general. We stay ahead of the curve to keep both ourselves and our clients informed as it is essential to us that we ensure our products are top of the line, staying relevant for years.

Listed below are tables and documents to commonly asked questions and concerns about LCD display support center. Orient Display also has a friendly and knowledgeable team of technical support staff to help you with any specific questions you might have. 

Email them at, our technical engineers will get back to you ASAP!


Display List 

A list that contains more than 470 popular displays on market with datasheet and selected stock available in Seattle-US stock. With the filter function, you can easily and quickly look up for the deserved display.


IC Controller List 

Check out our IC controller list with more than 600 commonly used IC controllers on market with datasheet. Filter by manufacturer or application for a neat look up.


Material List 

Check out our commonly used material list with datasheet. Filter by material part number, manufacturer or application.

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