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Whether you have a sketch on a napkin or just an idea in your head, our team of trained professionals will support you with our two decades of custom LCD experience as we turn the idea into formal drawings to beta prototypes to multi-year production.


Orient Display - a custom display manufacturer offering top-notch products at attractive prices

Orient Display is a company that specializes in manufacturing custom display technology solutions such as LCD modules, active color TFT LCD displays, monochrome passive LCD displays, passive OLED displays, touch panels and many more. The enterprise was founded in 1996 by specialists with expertise in the fields of production, research and development. Thanks to hard work and enormous engagement over years, Orient Display is now a world’s leading custom LCD display manufacturer in the flat panel industry.

Our company specializes in developing solutions that are renowned across the globe and meet expectations of the most demanding customers. Orient Display can boast incredibly fast order processing - usually it takes us only 4-5 weeks to produce LCD panels and we do our best to deliver your custom display modules, touch screens or TFT and IPS LCD displays within 5-8 weeks. Thanks to being in the business for such a noteworthy period of time, experts working at our display store have gained valuable experience in the automotive, appliances, industrial, marine, medical and consumer electronics industries. We’ve been able to create top-notch, specialized factories that allow us to manufacture quality custom display solutions at attractive prices. Our products comply with standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, QC 080000, ISO/TS 16949 and PPM Process Control. All of this makes us the finest display manufacturer in the market.

Qualities that make Orient Display stand out from the crowd

Without a shadow of a doubt, Orient Display stands out from other custom display manufacturers. Why? Because we employ 3600 specialists, including more than 720 engineers that constantly research available solutions in order to refine strategies that allow us to keep up with the latest technologies and manufacture the finest displays showing our innovative and creative approach. We continuously strive to improve our skills and stay up to date with the changing world of displays so that we can provide our customers with supreme, cutting-edge solutions that make their lives easier and more enjoyable. 

Customer service is another element we are particularly proud of. To facilitate the pre-production and product development process, thousands of standard solutions are stored in our warehouses. This ensures efficient order realization which is a recipe to win the hearts of customers who chose Orient Display. We always go to great lengths to respond to any inquiries and questions in less than 24 hours which proves that we treat buyers with due respect.

Choosing services offered by Orient Display equals a fair, side-by-side cooperation between the customer and our specialists. In each and every project, we strive to develop the most appropriate concepts and prototypes that allow us to seamlessly deliver satisfactory end-products. Forget about irritating employee turnover - with us, you will always work with a prepared expert informed about your needs.

In a nutshell, Orient Display means 18% of global market share for automotive touch screen displays, emphasis on innovation, flexibility and customer satisfaction. Don't wait and see for yourself that the game is worth the candle!



Knowledge Base

With how fast technology changes, constantly learning and staying open-minded helps us stay on top of our game especially when we’re striving to be the best in our field. Brush up on your LCD knowledge with us!

Our Values and Mission

We strive to become the top LCD solutions provider through quality products, exceptional customer service and building relationships based on trust. You become our family when you work with us so your needs are ours.

Our Products

Whether it’s our standard products or a custom project, quality is always our first priority. We continually optimize our process so we can provide our clients with the best combination of pricing and timing. View our products!

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Orient Display is a Chinese-US joint venture that is your complete LCD solutions manufacturer and supplier. We specialize in producing all types of electronic products including color TFTs, embedded LCDs, touch panels, LCD heaters, backlights, character and graphic LCDs.


+25 Years of industry experience
180 Engineers and 2680 Skilled Workers
480000 m2/yr of LCD panels
+6 Million pcs/yr of LCD Modules
2 Million pcs/yr of touch panels
5 Million pcs/yr of LCD backlights


  1. Founded and Established

  2. Redesigned production line and moved to present factory site

  3. Received ISO 9001 Certification

  4. Established Orient Display (Hong Kong) Ltd
    Established Orient Display (North America) Ltd

  5. Released another new STN line

  6. Established Shenzhen Acmmi Technology Co., Ltd (LCD module branch)

  7. Joint venture corporation founded in Shenzhen, China

  8. Established Orient Display (USA) Corp

  9. Built a touch panel production line in Shenzhen, China

  10. Introduction of color TFT products

  11. Expanded standard full-color TFT catalog with demo boards
    Introduction of resistive and capacitive touch panels as standard products
    Introduction of standard character modules with I2C and serial interface

  12. Hong Kong warehouse expansion

  13. Guangzhou new industrial zone begins production

  14. New embedded LCD product line launch

  15. Introduction of Sunlight Readable IPS as standard products