JAZZ-AT (4-Wire Resistive Touch Panel for JAZZ A Graphic LCD Modules)



  • JAZZ-A Resistive Touch Panel
  • Diagonal Dimension: 2.7 Inch
  • Touch Panel Feature: 4-wire Resistive
  • Upper Electrode Base Material: ITO Film
  • Lower Electrode Base Material: ITO Glass
  • Operating Pressure: 30 – 70 g
  • Hardness of Surface: Scratch Resistant

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JAZZ-AT is a 4-wire resistive touch panel that can be used for all JAZZ-A Modules. It has a Film-Glass (F/G) structure that has a surface stiffness of 3H. It’s driving condition is DC5V with an FPC Connection. JAZZ-AT has an ITO and Film material with anti-glare and anti-newton ring features. This product is ROHS compliant.

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  • 4-Wire Resistive Touch panel for all JAZZ-A Modules
  • 3H Surface Hardness
  • DC5V Driving Condition
  • FPC Connection
  • Anti-glare and Anti-newton ring features
  • F/G Film-Glass Structure
  • ROHS Compliant


Download Product Datasheet Below

JAZZ-A Standard Resistive Touch Panel: JAZZ-AT


Model/Series Name JAZZ-AT
Touch Panel Feature 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel
Diagonal Dimension (Inches) 2.7″
Size WxHxT max(mm) 69.10 x 46.40 x 1.00
Viewing Area WxH max(mm) 65.50 x 37.20
Thickness (mm) 1.0
Upper Electrode Base Material ITO Film
Lower Electrode Base Material ITO Glass
Operating Pressure 30-70g
Hardness of Surface Scratch Resistant


JAZZ-A Modules are one of our best selling graphic LCD module offerings. It is widely known in the LCD market because it is available in many varieties which gives it a lot of versatility to formulate any LCD mode and back-light color combination you can think of while having very competitive pricing. This Line also offers these combinations without having to modify your PCB or software design.

Please send your email to info@orientdisplay.com for more details.


LCD Options: FSTN Positive JAZZ-AC-W | FSTN Negative JAZZ-AC-T |
STN Positive Gray JAZZ-AC-G | STN Positive Yellow Green JAZZ-AC-Y | STN Negative Blue JAZZ-AC-B

LED backlight Options: White JAZZ-AE-W | Red JAZZ-AE-R | Blue JAZZ-AE-B
Green JAZZ-AE-G | Amber JAZZ-AE-A | Yellow Green JAZZ-AE-Y

Orient Display: JAZZ-A LCD and Backlight combinations, matching resistive touch panel and evaluation kit

Please visit Orient Display to see the full range of Character LCD Modules, Graphic LCD Modules, LCD Glass Panels, and Full Colored TFT Modules that we can offer.

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Weight 0.12 lbs
Dimensions 46.40 × 65.50 × 1.0 mm
Display Type

Touch Panel


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