TFT Display vs Super AMOLED, which is Better?

Thanks for the display technology development, we have a lot of display choices for our smartphones, media players, TVs, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, and other such gadgets. The most display technologies we hear are LCD, TFT, OLED, LED, QLED, QNED, MicroLED, Mini LED etc. The following, we will focus on two of the most popular display technologies in the market: TFT Displays and Super AMOLED Displays.

TFT Display

TFT means Thin-Film Transistor. TFT is the variant of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs). There are several types of TFT displays: TN (Twisted Nematic) based TFT display, IPS (In-Plane Switching) displays. As the former can’t compete with Super AMOLED in display quality, we will mainly focus on using IPS TFT displays.


OLED means Organic Light-Emitting Diode. There are also several types of OLED, PMOLED (Passive Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) and AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode). It is the same reason that PMOLED can’t compete with IPS TFT displays. We pick the best in OLED displays: Super AMOLED to compete with the LCD best: IPS TFT Display.


Light Source it emits own light It requires a backlight
Thickness Very slim profile Thicker because of the backlight
Contrast Higher because of dark background Lower because of backlighting
Viewing Angles All around It has color changes at extreme viewing angles
Colors Bright and vibrant colors available Not the same good compared with AMOLED
Super dark color Easily available dark background Difficult because the backlight leakage
Super White Color Difficult to get because color mix difficult which can look yellowish Easily avaible by using white LED backlight
Sunlight Readable Needs to drive hard and difficult Easily and low cost to get by using high brightness backlight, transflective displays, optical bonding and surface treatment
Power Consumption Lower because of selective display area and better battery life Higher because of backlight on
Life time Shorter, especially affected by the presence of water Longer
Cost Very high Very competitive prices
Availability Limited sizes and manufacturers Widely available on different sizes and many manufacturers to choose from

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