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A simple TN LCD Glass Panel with a Pin Connection for easy mounting to a socket or for soldering it directly to the circuit board.


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Product Datasheet: OD-357
Model / Series Name OD-357
No. of Digitals 3 1/2
Glass Size WxH (mm) 50.80 x 30.48
View Area WxH (mm) 44.45 x 16.51
Character Displayed 3 (Numeric) Segment Character
Icon Displayed Lowbat Icon, plus/minus
Digital Height (mm) 12.7
Driver Method Static
Operating Voltage 3V
Connector Pin

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Additional information

Weight 0.21 lbs
Dimensions 30.48 × 50.80 × 0.1 mm
Display Mode

TN – Positive

Display Type

Glass Panel


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