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Accessary Kit for AGU and AGN series

  • This Accessary Kit is made exclusively for ALL our AGU and AGN series TFT product
  • This Accessary Kit includes below items:
    • PCB-USBto232/485_V1: USB to UART, RS232, RS485 Testing and Burn-in Board.
    • FFC-1.0-10P-TM-20CM: Flat Flex Cable(FFC): 1.0mm pitch, 10 pins, 200 mm length.
    • CAB-1.25-4P-TM-20CM: Cable, 4 pins,  1.25mm pitch, 200mm length.
    • CAB-HY2.0-8P-TM-20CM: Cable, 8 pins,  2.0mm pitch, 200mm length.
    • CAB-MICUSB-30CM: Cable, USB-A to Micro USB, 300mm length.