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STM32 vs Arduino

STM32 vs Arduino

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Arduino is more creative, it weakens the operation of specific hardware, its functions and syntax are very simple, and it is very “dumb”.

Most of Arduino’s main control is AVR microcontroller. The advantage of Arduino is that it has high code encapsulation and fewer sentences, which reduces the difficulty of software development.

Arduino is relatively easy to get started, as long as you understand a little hardware and C++, you can develop.

Most of the functions of Arduino have well-built libraries, so it is very simple to use, but the controllability of slightly more complicated functions is poor. 



STM32 pays more attention to engineering practice. In fact, there are many simple instruments in the factory, such as temperature controllers, ordinary motor controllers, low-end PLCs, and some civilian toys, game controllers, wired keyboards and mice, and other peripherals and so on are very practical.

STM32 is mainly used as products for professional developers, which requires certain professional knowledge, but at the same time, it is relatively complicated to write code to realize functions. For example, the serial port outputs a simple string. For Arduino, it may start from a new project and it can be realized with 10 lines of code. However, if you use STM32 development tools such as Keil, it may require hundreds of lines of code or more.

In terms of open source: things made with STM32 can be open source if you want to open source, and you can not publish anything if you don’t want open source.




Here are some suggestions for choosing:

If you are an ordinary student below the university level who does not have a deep understanding of programming languages, it is recommended to get started with Arduino. If the C skills are weak and come up with STM32, you will soon have the idea of giving up.

If you only study for employment, decisively STM32 microcontroller.

If you are learning just for fun and you are not a major in electronics and have no confidence, Arduino is recommended.

If you have good programming skills, STM32 is recommended. After you get it done, you can take a look at the things made by the Arduino open-source community, and you can easily get it done with STM32.

Of course, if you have the ability, you can make contact with both. Generally, you can master the basic features of Arduino in less than a week. If you need it in the future, you can freely transplant the Arduino code to MCU platforms such as STM32.

In fact, the two are actually aimed at slightly different directions. Arduino is the choice of general electronics hobbyists and DIY, while STM32 is often used for the development and manufacturing of actual products.

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