Bill Cheung | 2021-11-12

A resistive touch screen is made of a glass substrate as the bottom layer and a film substrate (normally, clear

Bill Cheung | 2021-11-10

Capacitive Touch Screen (PCAP) Projected capacitive touchscreen contains X and Y electrodes with insulation layer between them. The transparent electrodes

Bill Cheung | 2021-11-01

  LCD screen display problem why does it occur? Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are the most widely used display technology.

Bill Cheung | 2021-10-28

Introduction of Lichee Pi The LicheePi is a delicate, single-board computer, running on the low-cost Allwinner V3S platform which is

Bill Cheung | 2021-09-28

An Introduction to Graphic LCD Displays Graphic LCD Displays normally refer to monochrome graphics LCD displays or dot matrix LCD

Bill Cheung | 2021-09-18

An Introduction to Graphic LCD Displays Graphic LCDs (liquid crystal displays) have a special position in the display industry. With

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