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A simple TN LCD Glass Panel with zebra connection. This LCD Glass has elastomers (Zebra Strips), silicon strips of alternating conductors for easy compression between the LCD and the circuit board. This LCD requires a bezel to squeeze the display and the circuit board together.  Please contact us anytime if you want to customize this display with a bezel.

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Product Datasheet: OD-607A


Model / Series Name OD-607A
No. of Digitals 6
Glass Size WxH (mm) 137.16 X 46.36
View Area WxH (mm) 131.0 x 31.7
No of Segments (each digit) 7
Digital Height (mm) 25.39
Connector Pin

Please also check out our other products under this category – LCD Glass Panels.  If none of these products meet your needs, we can customize it according to your technical specifications.  Please send your inquiries to info@orientdisplay.com

Additional information

Weight 0.21 lbs
Dimensions 46.36 × 137.16 × 0.1 mm
Display Type

Glass Panel

Display Mode

TN – Positive


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