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The AMCT-1 is the newly developed FIRST CHARACTER LCD MODULE EVALUATION & DEVELOPMENT BOARD. This can be used to test almost all of our Character LCD modules.

This evaluation / tester kit has the following features:

  • It uses Atmel AT89C4051 processor to control the LCM and communicates to the PC by RS232
  • It interfaces to the most modules that use the industry-standard HD44780 controller (or equivalent), running in 8-bit or 4-bit model (software select).
  • It allows engineers to light up a character LCD module within few minutes which is very beneficial in showing newly designed ideas.
  • It can evaluate if an LCD module is still in a good condition or not. It can also assess the LCD’s contrast, viewing angle, backlight brightness and other settings. It is a very efficient way to find out if either software or hardware is having problems.
  • IT can also test modules faster by using special clips together, supplied by AV display. It will be very useful for quality with IQC, production with PQC and 100% screening before production.

Click here to see the AMCT-1 Operations Manual

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