Embedded LCD Modules

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Embedded LCD Features (Product is backed by Orient Display’s Lowest Price Guarantee Policy)


ACN series provide a full control platform of TFT, it can be used the same as the monochrome LCDs.

  • 3V input
  • 8-line parallel MCU interface
  • 8080 or 6800 interface timing
  • Backlight brightness can be adjusted by outside PWM signal
  • 24 bits RGB

AGN series are designed for fast and reliable interactive interface for full-graphic display with touch panels. They are easy to develop, flexible, UI user friendly, and reliable. They save a lot of work on single-chip coding volume.

  • Low user resource setting
  • Simple UI modification
  • Simple UI update
  • Comprehensive peripheral features


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Size (inch) Pixels Module Size(mm) Touch B/L Brightness Interface Color Model Stock
3.5 320×240 76.9 x 63.9 x 7.75 4-wire RTP 600nit Parallel 16.7M ACN320240A00-3.5N12NSH-R Buy Here
4.3 480×272 105.5 x 67.2 x 7.55 4-wire RTP 260nit Parallel 16.7M ACN480272A00-4.3N12NSM-R Buy Here
7.0 800×480 164.9 x 100 x 10.4 4-wire RTP 320nit Parallel 16.7M ACN800480A00-7.0N12NSM-R Buy Here
3.5 320×240 92.96 × 70.17 × 14.0 4-wire RTP 600nit UART 65K AGN320240A00-3.5N12NSH-R Buy Here
4.3 480×272 121.9 × 74.7 × 13.0 4-wire RTP 260nit UART 65K AGN480272A00-4.3N12NSM-R Buy Here
7.0 800×480 190.4 × 105.2 × 15.0 4-wire RTP 320nit UART 65K AGN800480A00-7.0N12NSM-R Buy Here



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